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Prodigal Sons and Material Girls

Prodigal Sons and Material Girls
Nathan’s first book, Prodigal Sons & Material Girls: How Not to Be Your Child's ATM, published in 2003, helps parents influence and shape their child’s financial habits.
Within this book, he blends real-world stories with the tools and techniques needed to teach children the real value of money, Nathan offers a practical road map for instilling your children with a sense of financial responsibility that will last a lifetime.
The book includes creative and convincing examples on how to leverage his highly successful Share Save Spend approach to money — critical elements to help children break free from the materialism that has become ingrained in our society. Through insightful anecdotes and simple exercises, the book demonstrates how to:

• Talk to children about money;
• Understand the difference between wants and needs;
• Raise a child’s marketing IQ;
• Maintain healthy financial boundaries; and
• Set a positive example.