Learn how Nathan & Share Save Spend are
changing the world's perception of money

  • ShareIts not just about “your” money... Its about how sharing impacts your family, your community and even the globe.
  • SaveFor a rainy day, for retirement or for something more. How would your life change with a comfortable cushion?
  • SpendMoney makes the world go round but how and where you spend money is a powerful statement.

Money Sanity U:
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Money Sanity U is our latest resource developed for corporations, organizations, colleges and universities to help individuals and families address their most important money issues. Nathan offers unique insights, relatable examples, and actionable ideas to help build financial competence and confidence. Learn more about Money Sanity U

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Nathan spoke at BestPrep's MN Business Venture program at St. John’s University. 9-12th grade students from around the state of Minnesota learned about leadership, business, financial literacy, and career options during this week-long, residential summer program.