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Money Sanity Solutions™ Book & DVD $34.99

Money Sanity Solutions™ Book & DVD

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Read how teaching youth about money using our tools decreased materialism and increased self-esteem.

Money Sanity Solutions: Linking Money + Meaning is designed to get families talking about money by leveraging everyday life experiences. The goal: help everyone in the family develop healthy money habits that are liked to their values. Topics include: budgeting basics, spending with a conscience, learning to earn, savings revolution, gift giving/receiving, etc.

Nathan introduces all 15 chapters with lively and engaging DVD video segments that provide insights, stories and wisdom from his 20-plus years of working with families and organizations. Each chapter includes thought-provoking conversation starters, relevant case studies, as well as, activities and exercises (20 downloadable PDFs).
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Money Sanity Solutions Facilitator guide to use with your book/study group.
Bible POV the Christian companion piece.
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