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  • Two Minutes 'Til Touchdown

    I was returning home late one evening last month on a United Airlines flight from Boston after attending a board meeting for the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood. The irony of this connection will be evident shortly.

  • From Idea to Action

    Never underestimate the power of a single learning experience. Back in June of 2012, I led a learning event for alumni at my alma mater, St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. During the presentation, I talked about the benefits of using a Share Save Spend allowance with kids as a way to introduce them to the topic of money

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Back in August I was contacted by a senior HR manager at Best Buy corporate headquarters with a very specific request. He was planning a weeklong focus on the topic of financial well-being and wanted me to kick-off this first-ever event.

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Nathan spoke at BestPrep's MN Business Venture program at St. John’s University. 9-12th grade students from around the state of Minnesota learned about leadership, business, financial literacy, and career options during this week-long, residential summer program.