EVENT: BAM Advisor Services

Nathan led a training for BAM Advisory Services Wealth Advisors in New Orleans.
Money Sanity Solutions: Working Effectively with Multigenerational Clients

This interactive presentation consists of two primary themes. Part One illuminates various ways the culture shapes our money habits and values and how that is impacting our financial wellbeing. Part Two identifies specific, actionable steps advisors can take to engage, educate and equip families for a variety of financial opportunities and responsibilities.
Nathan shared with participants:
  • Cultural influences that shape money habits;
  • New ways to communicate about money and values with children, youth and adults;
  • Proactive strategies to help families (youth and adults) articulate and set clear money goals that help them balance sharing, saving and spending;
  • Simple, implementable ideas and concepts to utilize with families for developing and maintaining healthy money habits; and
  • How to plan and facilitate successful family meetings as a way to deepen your relationship with multigenerational families.



Location: New Orleans, LA